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+-- PHP_Debug : A simple and fast way to debug your PHP code                  |
+--                                                                           |
+-- Support : Vernet Loic (                                 |

== FAQ ========================================================================

== What are the different debug type ?

	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_ANY          : All available types (for search mode)
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_STD          : Standart debug
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_QUERY        : Query debug
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_REL          : Database related debug
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_ENV          : Environment debug ($GLOBALS...)
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_APPERROR     : Custom application error 
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_CREDITS      : Credits information 
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_SEARCH       : Search mode in debug 
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_DUMP         : Dump any kind of variable 
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_PROCESSPERF  : Performance analysys 
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_TEMPLATES    : Included templates of the calling script 
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_PAGEACTION   : Store main page action 
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_SQLPARSE     : SQL Parse error 
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_WATCH        : A variable to watch 
	- PHP_DEBUGLINE_PHPERROR     : A debug generated by the custom error handler

But in fact, these types are automatically used with the different public
functions of PHP_Debug.

== What are the different options available ?

$options = array(
    'DEBUG_restrict_access'      => false,
    'DEBUG_allow_url_access'     => true,
    'DEBUG_url_key'              => 'key',
    'DEBUG_url_pass'             => 'nounou',
    'DEBUG_enable_watch'         => false,
    'DEBUG_replace_errorhandler' => true,
    'DEBUG_lang'                 => 'FR',
    'HTML_TABLE_view_source_script_name' => 'source.php'        
$Dbg = new Debug($options);
$allowedip = array( 

	- DEBUG_restrict_access 
	Allow to restrict access to some IP only.
	This is done by calling the restrict access function, with an array containing IP.

	- DEBUG_allow_url_access 
	Allow to activate the display of the debug with a key and a password in
	the URL of the executed script. (DEBUG_url_key, DEBUG_url_pass)
	Ex : 'http://scripts.php?key=nounou'

	- DEBUG_enable_watch 
	Allow to use the variable watcher (see index.php)

	- DEBUG_replace_errorhandler 
	Allow to use the PHP_Debug error handler instead of the native PHP error 
	handler. In some cas (old PHP4 script) you may have lots of errors, it is
	possible to desactivate it

	- DEBUG_lang 
	Not used for now

	- HTML_TABLE_view_source_script_name 
	Contains the relative path of the view source script that you use, update
	with your location

== I don't understand the way stopTimer() function works can you explain me ?

Well in fact it is easy : (check index.php)
First you may add a debug info, of any tipe, then you simply have to call 
the stopTimer function.

$Dbg->add("PERF TEST : 10000 iterations");
$y = 0;
for ($index = 0; $index < 10000; $index++) 
    $y = $y + $index;

== What are the different public functions available ?

Please check 'sources/index.php', there is an example with all the public 
functions available in PHP_Debug.


Ahhhhhhh !!!!!!

	- new Debug($array()) : PHP_Debug constructor
	- restrictAcess($array) : Restrict debug to some IP
	- add($mixed, $title (optional)) : Add the variable 'mixed' with the title 'string'
	- dump(var, 'Foo') : Dump the content of the variable 'var' with the title 'foo'
	- dumpVar(var, 'Foo') : Same as dump but can be called staticaly
	- setAction($action) : Set the action of the scrip with $action (string)
	- watch('watchedVariable') : Watch the variable called 'watchedVariable
	- stopTimer() : Stop the timer for the last debug information added
	- addDebugFirst($string) : Same as Add() but add the information in 1st position
	- query($query) : Add a query wich sql scrip is contained in $query
	- getRequiredFiles() : Return the list of required files in the script
	- display() : Display the debug informations gathered until this call

== The debug is ugly it seems that there are no stylesheet associated with it ?

You must generate the stylesheet of PHP_Debug in your header section as follow

// Get default stylesheet
require_once 'Debug.php';
require_once 'Debug/Renderer/HTML_Table_Config.php';
$HTMLoptions = Debug_Renderer_HTML_Table_Config::singleton()->getConfig();
// Get stysheet and print it

== I have included your style, but it is still really ugly how can i apply my own stylesheet ? ;)

You have 2 options:

	- Don't include my stylesheet as explained above and generate your own one, 
	respecting the PHP_Debug style names
	- Modify the 'Debug/Renderer/HTML_Table_Config.php' where all the default 
	stylesheets are located

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