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David Coallier, pear group president

All the way, good work, very clean, readable, good code, good comments.

Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson, pear group member

Hi Loic,

I'm writing on behalf of the PEAR Group.

I was looking at your PHP_Debug package and I must say, it's quite cool to have a similar
feature that Symfony has right in PEAR :-)

Brett Bieber

This is excellent... I think this looks like a great proposal and package
to have.

Benoit Michaud, PHP_Debug user


J'utilise avec un plaisir non dissimulé votre "Debug library" depuis quelques jours.
Et je viens de monter un plugin pour WordPress qui n'était prévu jusqu'à alors que pour
mon "plaisir" personnel....

C'est assez simple, tout le vrai travail étant dans votre library. Mais puis-je me
permettre de le diffuser, sachant que je n'ai rien changé et que vos liens sont
toujours apparents?

Merci pour votre réponse, et de toute façon pour votre travail :-)

Sascha Grossenbacher, PHP_Debug user


I am trying out your PHP_Debug Package at the moment. I really like it, especially
the new HTML_Div Renderer.

Till, PHP_Debug user

like the idea a lot - inline tracing without the usual "echos" is
always very nice. ;-)

I am not sure how applicable this is here, but since there are
extensions like DBG and xcache and others, would you be able to make
use of those "backends" if they are running/installed/available?

So for example, DBG has a profiler, maybe it would be a good addition
to make your class use DBG's profiling if available.

So I guess I am proposing a general driver-architecture for your
package. Not sure if I am asking too much! ;-)


Michel Famiglietti, PHP_Debug user


Je test actuellement votre librairie PHP_DEBUG v2.0.0,

Je me demande s’il est possible d’écrire dans une base de données plutôt que d’afficher
les traces lors de l’appel de la fonction display() afin de pouvoir faire des requêtes
d’analyse ensuite.

J’ai vu dans votre code que vous faite un « print($buffer) », je voudrais savoir s’il existe
actuellement une librairie qui récupère le $buffer et qu’il l’insert dans une table.

Je tenais à vous féliciter pour la clarté de votre code.

Matt Pressnal, PHP_Debug user

Hey There Loic --

Just wanted to say I think you have a great idea
create PHP_Debug!  I've bounced from PERL, Coldfusion,
PHP, and a few other languages but I always like the
debugging at the bottom of the page for Coldfusion.

I do have one question for you (as I am trying to sway
a bunch of CF developers to PHP and want things to be
as easy as possible).

Is there a way or could there be a way to have
PHP_Debug watch all the different queries executed and
all the variables created and automatically output the
data for all of these things?  It's going to be a hard
sell to these CF guys if they are manually having to
add each query and variable to the debug object...they
get it without having to do any with CF right now.

Many thanks and keep up the great work,

Ben Firshman, PHP_Debug user

Nice piece of software you've done! I'm using it to debug a project
I'm working on at the moment.

A quick feature suggestion. Have you considered integrating with the
PEAR DB library for the database debug messages? I'm not sure if it
would be possible, but it would be nice!


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